Ground, Burn, Flow

A New modality flowing across the planet. We seek to guide you,  ground your life, burn restricting beliefs and find new paths. Then the new you can continue your flow with the world.
Join the transformational, global movement of Quantum Flow, a method fused from ancient and modern healing and wellbeing modalities that is rapidly unleashing the individual and collective potential of humanity across the world right now



Global Transformation Guide
Quantum Flow Certified Practitioner

Adam Hansen has trained and been certified in multiple modalities.

With the Discovery of Quantum Flow Adam knew that he has finally found a whole working modality that actually produces results in all it touches.

With Training and Guidance from the Quantum Flow Creator, Juan Pablo Barahona, Adam has become the first certified practioner in Australia and has dedicated his life to teaching and training people to uplift humanity world wide.


Creator of Quantum Flow 
Global Transformational Leader

Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa) is a transformational leader, speaker, visionary, holistic yoga teacher, healer and coach. As the founder and director of Kawoq Conscious Living School and Juanpa Global, he has created life changing programs that are globally recognized and shared. These programs enable participants to realize their deepest potential and step into their inner wisdom and infinite power.


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